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Style, elegance and the culinary arts - these are the characteristics of the extraordinary experience that awaits you at our evening gourmet club. Be sure to bring your curiosity. You will be surprised and truly delighted by the uncommon combination of flavors in our more atypical dishes, and nonetheless pleased by our traditional Czech specialties. Every week we put add more gastronomic novelties to our menu.


Our meals are accompanied by a rich selection of vintage wines from the cellar of our expert sommelier.


Before we prepare our meals, we carefully select ingredients of the highest quality. This is the only way to prepare dishes that will satisfy the palates of our guests.

Ladislav Douša chef

Chef Douša holds several prestigious international awards. He honed his culinary skills at Flambé, where he worked with many other excellent cooks. He presents his extensive culinary knowledge at our club with his distinct signature, characterized by a unique blend of gastronomic inspiration.


“We place great importance on how we prepare our meals. Guests come here to for a gastronomic experience and they deserve dishes of the highest level,”

Chef Douša says.

Miroslav Bůžek sommelier

Carefully selected, high quality wine enhances the taste experience. Choosing the right pairing of wine and food requires extensive knowledge of domestic and international wines, practiced talent and a discerning palate. Our sommelier has all of these. Mr. Bůžek has acquired his valuable experience in prestigious restaurants across Europe. Our cellar holds select vintages from the Continent, as well as the best varietals from the Moravian terroir.


“I take pleasure in sharing my knowledge of wine with our guests so they too can fully enjoy the fruits of our constantly expanding cellar,” Mr. Bůžek says.

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